We offer a wide range of services around the Shizuoka area, providing business solutions from the perspective of the management and HR personnel.

    Right person at the right time
    Staffing from Japanese to foreign nationals to meet your various business needs
    Ensuring the quality of staff through periodic visits and problem-solving.


  • Supporting the packing operation of food manufacturer

    With the rapid expansion of pet food business in a leading food company, we comprehensively manage the entirety of the packing operation, ranging from the proposal, actual production to coordination of human resources.
  • Hiring foreign workers to meet the diverse needs of the times

    We corporate with language schools across Shizuoka to provide multilingual services required for businesses and operations in companies of various sizes. Our services are especially highly regarded for being able to cater to various employment styles utilizing the students’ flexible schedules--which often involves working late at night or early in the morning.


  1. Office visit from a person
    in charge
  2. Information sharing and
    identifying issues
  3. Contract signing
  4. Proposal of the best HR solution
  5. Quality enhancements through
    periodic visits


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