Tapping into the power of a diverse group of people,
bringing values to businesses and communities across Shizuoka.


  • Flexible support catering to a diversity of working styles

    To cater to work-style needs that reflect the times, prioritize family time, and promote diversity, for all age groups and nationalities, we provide the best workenvironments giving attention to workers as well as those around one.
  • Contributing to clients' growth and success

    To tackle the challenges of the VUCA world, we provide various services ranging from staffing to business problem-solving, thereby contributing to a better future for our clients and paving the way for mutual growth while expediting and ensuring success.
  • Encouraging personal growth of each and every worker

    Looking ahead to a world where people are expected to live past 100, providing job opportunity cannot be sufficient enough. We provide family-like support between our clients and individuals to stay closer to their lives, increase their values, and help them work even longer.