Handling of Personal Information

C.R.C. Corporation (“We”) recognizes the importance of protecting personalinformation and handles such information in accordance with the followingpolicy.

1. Collection of personal information and the purpose of use

We may collect and use personal information within the scope necessary forthe achievement of the purpose related to the following business activities.

1 Description of our business

  • Human resources consulting business
  • Planning promotion business
  • Selling business (e-commerce, in-store sales)

2 Purpose of use

1)  Survey-based market research related to products and services instaffing business

2) Various promotional activities

  • Survey and campaign applications
  • Home page operation andmanagement
  • Sales activities related to products and services
  • Seminar, sampling, and event operations and announcements

3) Sales and delivery of products andservices

4) Response to inquiries

5) Recruitment activities and personnelmanagement

6) Other purposes notified when collecting personal information

2. Provision and consignment to a third party

In order to achieve aforementioned purposes, we may consign the handlingof personal information to external contractors who can protect personalinformation properly. In such case, we will exercise necessary andappropriate supervision on the parties. Unless stipulated by law, obtainedpersonal information will not be disclosed to any third party withoutobtaining prior consent from the individual.

3. Management of personal information

We will manage personal information properly and strictly and takenecessary and appropriate security control measures against anyunauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leaks.

4. Disclosure, revision, or suspension of personal information

We respect the rights of individuals regarding personal information and willpromptly respond in a reasonable period when our clients request us todisclose, revise, or suspend their information.

5. Update of privacy policy

This privacy policy is subject to change. The updated policy will come intoforce from the time it is published.

Contact regarding personal information

With regard to the inquiries and complaints for this privacy policy or handling ofpersonal information, please contact the following.

C.R.C. Corporation
1-153 Nagata-cho, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka-ken
417-0055, Japan